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This is a TAIG 4 axis milling machine adapted for cue building. I use it to cut inlay parts as well as decorative stitch rings.


The wood lathe located in the upper left corner is used for those messy jobs that don’t require a great deal of precision. This includes sanding, shaft reconditioning, pressing Irish Linen wraps and installing Stack Leather wraps.

On the far wall, both the bench sander and the wood lathe are serviced by a dust collection system.

Note the storage shelves for point stock, stack leather wraps, joint rings, veneers and other stuff.

A table saw is used to cut the corners off squares prior to turning them round. An assembly and gluing table is located adjacent to the saw.


A Thickness Planer, Drill Press, Band Saw, Dust Collector, Radial Arm Saw and Jointer round out the power tools. These are required for preparing inlay materials and point stock.