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Points - 1

This section will cover making both Butterfly & V-Groove points. The details are different but the principles are the same. In both cases point material is glued onto a tapered cut in the foream and the points are formed when the material is tapered flush with the forearm.


First forearms are tapered to about 0.1” oversize. Then the small end is drilled and tapped to accept a jig which allows the forearm to be removed from the milling machine and put back in exactly the same place. This cue will have 2 Butterfly & 2 V-Groove points.


Preparing the Butterfly points is straight forward as shown on the left. Just glue the veneers to the point material and put under pressure until the glue is dry.

 The V-Groove points (right) are more involved. The 2 sets of veneers are glued up. Then 45 degree angles are cut on 1 edge of each strip and the 2 strips are glued together forming a 90 degree angle. The point material is cut perfectly square and then cut in half to form 2 triangular pieces. These are then glued to the veneers.


The first step in preparing the forearm for butterfly points is to cut a flat at “0” degrees and another at 180 degrees. Both  taper from 0.0” at the thin end to 0.3” deep at the large end. The point material is glued on to these flats and dries under pressure overnight.