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I received the following E Mail after the client saw pictures of his cue after the first coat of finish was applied. Terry’s matched set  of cues are shown at the bottom of Cue Gallery - Page 1.

WOW!!!!     Ron, I think that the cues look fantastic. I think I will stare at the cue for a few days before I even hit a ball with it. 
I am assuming that the cues will be ready in a couple weeks from now, so with that in mind. There was a rough price given to me but nothing concrete, so how much money will the final bill be,  with the assumption that I take the cues.. lol  I know I will be taking them, unless you tell me that you want to keep them for your self. lol  please take some final shots of the cues and proudly display them on your web site so people can see the beautiful work that you create. 
Thank-you,   Terry

Comments from another satisfied customer                                                                    wow! it's nice to see the cue. really beautiful.  i'm glad you suggested the B&W ebony. this is one of a kind for sure. nice construction pic.s too.

A client from British Columbia says:

Ron-hey the cue arrived yesterday.  Went home and hit a few balls, I liked it!  Went to a small mini-tournament at the local pool hall and had 3 table runs in 8 games, haven’t shot like that for over a year.  I don’t know whether to credit the cue but I did seem to be able to control the cue ball.  When I needed a 18 inch draw I was able to be very close, rather than 1 inch and half to short or too long.  I had been using a Predator and  it will now be my back up. Thank you for your skill in the art of cue making.  Later, Marlowe Sam

Ron, Very impressed with the cue.  Everyone who has seen it has commented on it's simplicity and beauty.  The owner of Century Billiards actually chalked the cue and took the first shot with it and was so impressed that he said if I lost a game with it that night he would claim the cue for himself.  I've been getting some very nice multi-ball runs and it really is smooth and solid.  I have seen several people at the pool hall taking second looks at the cue and drooling.  If you would like me to pass out your business cards at the hall, I would be more than happy to do so. Really looking forward to designing something for my girlfriend Best Regards and much appreciation

Craig   (From Mississauga, Ontario)

Hey Ron,                                                                                                                              Just wanted to let you know the shaft arrived safe and sound. Got a chance to take it for a test drive and it's perfect, a really great solid cue. I will be using it for many years to come. The extra effort you put into this is very appreciated. I will keep you in mind for any future needs.      Thanks again,                                                                                                                             Calvin  (From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Hi Ron:                                                                                                                                                                                I’m happy to say that I took my new arsenal along to the pool hall today and everything works as well as I could have hoped.The break cue tip makes a huge difference, and at last I can truly make the kind of smack that I’ve always wanted.                                                                                           The 314/Falcon combination is great, but equaled by your custom cue in all aspects. The tips give terrific grip on the cue ball. Love them both.                                                                                                I need to work on the jump shot. Having seen you do it with the same cue gives me hope!Thanks again for your time yesterday and for your generosity.       

       David (From Toronto)


i just wanted to email you to say thank you again for the great cue.

when i arrived to your house i had intentions of having something made, but of course with my own selfish need and lack of patience..lol

i was sold very quick once you showed me what you had available.

the stick is a piece of art and im honored to own it.

it played great tonight and i was more than happy !!!

i cannot wait to try it with the snooker tip.

thank again Ron !

i will talk you again soon.



Ron, Cue received today.Just shaped the tip chalked it upand shot a couple of fast racks. Really like this cue. didn’t need another shooter so will keep this one in reserve. Craftsmanship on the cue is really great, a real eye catcher.

many thanks. Walt (from New Jersey)

Testimonial-James 001 copy


Thank you very much for the cue. It looks fantastic and hits even better. You did a fine job on it.

Thanks again!

Adam    From Owen Sound - Feb. 27, 2018