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Flat Bottom Inlays

 Flat bottom inlays can be cut with either a manual pantograph or with a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling Machine. I use the CNC technology which provides the greatest flexibility and accuracy.

The first step is to create the design using a CAD/CAM program. This is an example of a  rather complex design featuring 3 interlocking diamonds. Different colors are used to differentiate the inside and outside tool path for each part. The CAM part of the program generates the “G” Code

It took about 20 hours of drawing and testing to get this design right.


The next step is to cut the pockets .150 inches deep with a 1/32 inch diameter end mill. This took about 2 hours of machine time.


Next the parts were cut from Holly and Gaspaite Green Reconstituted Stone There are 2 parts for each of the 3 diamonds which are repeated 4 times in the butt sleeve for a total of 24 parts. This took another 2 hours to cut and fit the parts.


The parts are now glued into the pockets with epoxy, pressed down with a 1 ton Arbor Press, wrapped with wax paper and surgical tubing and allowed to dry over night. The picture shows the results after the wax paper is removed. The parts stick out because they are .200 inches thick and the pockets are only .150 inches deep.


Finally the parts are trimmed flush with the butt sleeve.