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      • My Basic Custom Cue costs $300.00 and includes the following:
    • BUTT
      • Curly or Birdseye Maple Forearm and butt sleeve
      • Flat Laminated maple handle with Irish Linen Wrap
      • 5/16x14 or 5/16x18 Stainless Steel Joint Pin
      • Black or Black/Silver/Black Joint rings
      • Black & White stitch rings at top & bottom of butt sleeve
      • Black or White Butt Cap
    • SHAFT
      • High quality maple
      • Ivorine 3 ferrule
      • Layered Medium Tip
      • Black or Black/Silver/Black Joint Rings
      • 5/16x14 or 5/16x18 Brass Insert             






Exotic wood in forearm &/or butt sleeve


V-Groove Points

$50 each

V- Groove points with veneers

$75+ per point

Butterfly Points

$40 per point

Flat bottom floating points

$40+ per point

Butt Sleeve Inlays

$20+ each

Cored forearm


Cored forearm, handle & butt sleeve


1 piece leather wrap


Stack Leather wrap


Trim rings

$10+ each

Uniloc Quick Release joint


Extra Shaft


Butt only - No Shaft DEDUCT


Joint Protectors

$40 +



    The above will give a rough idea of costs. Exact costs can only be determined after all details are finalized.

    The most effective way to spec out a cue is to come to my shop in Keswick. You can see the various woods, inlay materials and wraps that are available We can discuss design and construction options that will give the most value for your money.

    The second best option is a series of telephone (905-476-0727) conversations. Trying to design cues by trading E Mails is usually ineffective.


There is no risk to my customers when they order a cue from me. Customers must be completely satisfied with their cue before any money changes hands.

A price is quoted after the design is finalized. The full amount is payable on delivery. I prefer the client come my shop, exam the finished cue and try it out to ensure they like it. If they don’t like the cue, they don’t have to take it. The customer is only out the cost of gas to get to my shop and I will sell the cue to someone else.

 Cues with features which make it impossible to sell to another customer are an exception and require a  50% deposit in advance with the balance due on completion. The “don’t like it - don’t take it” terms do not apply for cues in this category.