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I have been repairing and building cues since 2005 following the normal progression of doing repairs before graduating to building cues from scratch.

I bought a mini lathe and started replacing tips and reconditioning shafts on my own cues. This led to doing the same work for some of my friends and teammates.

Then a  high end cue lathe was purchased providing capability to offer a complete range of repairs plus construction of basic cues.

Experience in cue building was gained by converting a number of 1 piece house cues to 2 piece cues. From there I graduated to building basic cues from scratch. Next a CNC Milling Machine was acquired providing the capability to do high quality inlays.

After experiencing the precision and flexibility offered by the CNC Mill, a CNC Professional Cue Building System was purchased. This machine cuts precision shaft and butt tapers as well as flat bottom inlay pockets, V-Groove points and Butterfly points. It provides the capability to build custom cues to our clients specifications with very few technological limitations.

My business philosophy is simple. I strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service at prices equal to or less than other retailers or cue builders in Southern Ontario.

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Here I am (on the right) with Marcus Chamat after I replaced a tip for him at a tournament held in 2008. Marcus is a top ranked professional from Sweden.